Recognizing that the true merit of a profession is determined by the value of its services to society, the “Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors” does hereby dedicate itself to the promotion and protection of the profession of Land Surveying as a social economic influence vital to the welfare of society, community, and state.


SECTION 1 – The objectives of this Society shall be:

(1)  To advance the study of Land Surveying and the education of Land Surveyors.

(2)  To promote the common good and welfare of its members and activities in the profession of Land Surveying.

(3)   To foster high standards of professional ethics and practice.

(4)   To discourage unethical and illegal practices and professional abuses in Land Surveying.

(5)   To promote public knowledge, faith and reliance in the Registered Land Surveyors and their work.

(6)   To aid and encourage the interest of the Junior Members of the organization.

(7)   To establish better relations between the Land Surveyors and other professions interested in Land Surveying.

(8)   To foster and support legislation generally beneficial to the profession and the state of Alabama, its subdivisions, and to the public.

(9)   To promote closer relations, understanding, and cooperation within the profession.

(10)  This Society in all its activities and in its membership shall be non-political, non-partisan, and non-sectarian. 


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